What is a business roadmap and how is it drawn?!

Monday 26 Mehr 1401What is a business roadmap and how is it drawn?!

A business roadmap is like a specific plan for a team's actions that helps achieve their goals. In this program, various things such as goals and deadlines are specified. This map acts like a blueprint for your business and shows you where you are going and how you need to get there; Of course, this map has differences with the business plan, the most important of which is that the road map shows a bigger and more specific visualization of your destination. This map is needed for every business and it can show the strategic and key goals and, along with it, determine the human resources and other resources needed to achieve these goals. In this article from the Tescolo blog, we want to explain what a roadmap is and how to draw it. To learn more about this important and strategic program, stay with us until the end of this article about the business roadmap.

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