Graphorm is an inspection-focused data collection app with advanced geolocation features.

Graphorm benefitsGraphorm benefits
Challenges of Data Collection In Field
  • Contradiction and lack of integrity in field data collection
  • Inability to get accurate and representative data
  • Applying many unmanaged changes to information structures and forms due to the nature of fieldwork
  • Lack of quality assurance processes
  • Poor supervision of the place of tasks
  • Unplanned Tasks and lack of clarity in task details
Use Graphorm to eliminate errors and damages in field data collection
Graphorm benefitsGraphorm benefits
  • Collected data is always available and secure.
  • Correct application and management of online changes to field data collection forms
  • Attendance and absence time of employees based on data collection location
  • Gathering and analyzing data and presenting charts and management reports
  • Data validation is an essential part of any data handling task whether you’re in the field collecting information
  • Supervision of the task’s place
  • Scheduled Tasks and complete details
  • Quality assurance processes

All these features, only in your mobile phone

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